Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a licensed contractor?

Apollo Pavers has been a licensed contractor since 2009 and has over 30 years in construction experience. Anyone in Construction knows that the first step to finding a quality contractor is to make sure that the contractor is licensed. Equally important, is to make sure that they are licensed for the type of work that is to be executed. We currently hold the most important Class license D06 for installing pavers as well as D09 for installation of synthetic turf and irrigation. Check our references and the references of any one claiming to know how to do the job right!


Do you guys install ONLY pavers?

No, our range of expertise includes a large array of outdoor products. Besides pavers, we also offer professional installation of: synthetic turf & putting greens, flagstone, free-standing and retaining walls, steps, custom BBQ islands, fire pits, stone veneer, landscape lighting, drainage systems, and much more! Our staff and designers can help you customize and design your new outdoor areas, and our installation crew can make it a reality.


Who does the actual installation?

Although this is not a frequently asked question, it should be. When hiring a contractor, many times the company you hire is not the company that shows up to work at your project. This sounds wrong...right? Well, we think so too. When you contract with Apollo, you get Apollo Pavers from demolition to final compaction. We own our own equipment and have an in house crew to execute all the work, not some third party company that is paid by the square foot and solely motivated by production.


What are pavers?

Sounds simple enough, right? Well pavers can be made from anything from clay to concrete to travertine. It has more to do with how they are installed than anything else. Pavers are individual units that are supported by a sub-surface and locked together with angular sand as well as an edge restraint. If all that doesn't make sense just know that a paving system will not crack, can be used in almost any situation, and are gorgeous.


Why should I choose pavers?

First off, Pavers are beautiful and with so many different styles and colors to choose from we can compliment any house with pleasing new walkways, drive ways, porches, pool decks and entryways. By installing pavers you will add value to your property, and because pavers last longer than any other paving surface, pavers are an investment that lasts.


Do I need to get drains installed before my pavers?

Drains should be installed in any paving situation. We provide drainage in every estimate we prepare, and make sure that the final installation drains properly while still feeling level, where level is desired (ie outdoor dining areas). We also tie in drain lines from roof line to subterranean drainage so once your pavers are installed you never have to think about how your pavers drain again.


Can I get Pavers that will match the style of my house?

Pavers come in all different styles and shapes. From old world cobble, to tight angular squares reminiscent of tile. Pavers also come in different finishes with textured, tumbled, distressed, and glossy. There truly is a paver for every situation.


Are Pavers hard to walk in high heels or use a wheelchair on?

Pavers come in a variety of different shapes and joint sizes. That being said some pavers could be a challenge for those 2 1/2" stilettos, but we do have pavers that are almost joint less and lock together to be easier on those spikes than your average tile floor.


How does the sand stay in the joints?

In the traditional paving system dry angular sand is vibrated into the joint lines settling into a "locking joint" that creates a practically solid surface. Our experience has been that some of that sand can migrate from aggressive cleaning so to deal with this issue we take the extra step to use polymeric sand which binds the sand particles for added joint stability.

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